Mars in Leo | How it Affects You Based on Your Rising Sign

Mars in Leo | How it Affects You Based on Your Rising Sign


ambition, courage, power to stand out, passion, purpose, creativity, creating something new, initiating a new project 

Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries and the universe decides to put it into fiery, dramatic LEOOO? Sign me up, this sounds wild.

For the first week of mars in Leo, mars is going to be opposite pluto, I wrote a whole blog about this and how it will affect you based on the houses t is transiting and I’ll link that below👇🏻

 Mars Opposite Pluto | How it Will Affect You 

 Based on your rising sign, this is how Mars in Leo is going to affect you for the next couple of months 👇🏻 



Mars in Leo is going to lighten your mood up quite a bit, causing you to connect with your inner child and live a more playful, fun filled life. You will enjoy being creative and may even start a new creative project or have thoughts of starting one…you begin to feel a passion about creating something of your own and putting it out there for others to see. You are stepping into your individuality during this transit. Your relationships cone into focus and if you are single, you will definitely notice that you are more ‘on the prowl’ than have that wandering eye no matter your relationship status and will begin ton notice the beauty in others around you

Perhaps this is due to an intense sexual desire or a desire for a passionate feeling within a romantic connection. If the spark has been missing, it is sure to come up for you at this time.

Depending on the aspects it is making in your chart, this could lead to frustrations building up within a partnership where you are not receiving as much passion and attention as you wish and this starts to annoy you. B e careful, you do not want resentment building up in this department.

A lot of energy and creative ideas are flowing, but it could be hard to stay focused as you feel that fire but lack the practicality to make it happen. 





Mars in Leo is going tome you more passionate about having a secure, comfortable home… one where you feel comfortable being yourself. You will spend time  redecorating or tidying up your house, making it feel a lot more homey and tailored to your needs. Buy a nice new blanket or rearrange your room. 

Mars in Leo is definitely going to have you thinking about the past more than usual./ Your childhood and the way you were raised comes into focus as you begin to think about where you come from and where you are going. You are able to do a lot of healing at this time, but may become triggered a few times as old wounds are brought to the surface.  



Fights within the home, whether with a partner, family members, or roommates are highly possible and things that you hae been holding back for awhile may come to the surface as you finally have the courage to stand up for something or stand up to someone. 

Be careful about hurting yourself in home accidents while Mars is in Leo. You could stub your toe, fall off of a ladder while painting, accidentally cut yourself, those home accidents that can be really annoying. I would definitely try to rest and relax at your house instead of working so hard because a lot of energy will be swirling around, which can lead to negative things manifesting if not properly cleared. Now would be a great time to smudge your area, cleanse it, put intentions into your home, or organize. 




Mars in Leo creates the perfect time for you to learn new things. If you are studying any subjects, the material will just seem to stick with you easier now and you will understand things quicker. You will want to soak up a lot of information and become more knowledgable. 

Watch out for issues with your car or transportation as well while Mars is in Leo. I would just make sure you have gotten a recent oil change and your tires are straight because if Mars enters your third house, it is possible to have road rage or even an accident if you are not paying attention.

Your communication will be boosted. You already talk a lot, but you are going to talk a WHOLE lot during this transit and it will be even faster and louder than usual. You may find that you begin to annoy those close to you. You will also notice some of the negative communication patterns you have through little arguments and this will teach you a lot about yourself. Just try to have an open mind and accept the parts of yourself that need to change when it comes to your communication and thought processes. 

There can be some anxiety that is brought about by this transit, so I would caution you to relax more and meditate, even though your mind will be going a millions miles a minute.  

You will have a lot of plans come into focus right now, but lack the dedication to actually do them all so its important to stick to a few things that you really want. 




You may feel a lot more energetic than usual at this time, wanting to burn some of your energy out through physical activity. If you do not release and let this fiery energy build up, there is a possibility of going off on those that are closest to you. Little arguments are common at this time as the fiery energy overtakes you and brings up some resentments that you may have been harboring for awhile.

With Mars in Leo, you could be having little accidents like stubbing your toes, cutting yourself while cooking, all that dumb shit that makes you super mad. When you have so much energy, this can manifest. 

Financial security comes into focus with Mars in Leo and you decide it is time to step up and be more assertive when it comes to where your money is coming from. You probably feel like you need more..and realize you will have to take action to get it. 

There will be extreme feelings surrounding your self worth and it will be connected a lot to your ability to make money and your ability to provide security to yourself and others. You could be feeling extremely capable or like you are not capable at all, depending on how it is aspecting your chart. Try to come up with an actionable plan and utilize some of this energy for good, to finish some things that you have needed to.






Mars in Leo is, at some point, going to be conjunct your ascendant…I’m sorry. No I’m just kidding this can be great for revving up your passion, helping you to stand up to others and speak your mind even more than usual, getting you excited about starting new projects, and make you feel pretty sexy and confident. 

Be careful about having small accidents because you will be moving a lot faster than usual and your energy will be ramped up a bit. You could stub your toe, accidentally cut yourself, stupid things like that that piss you off.

You are able to see deep inside yourself at this time and you begin to understand how others perceive you, especially the parts of you that are  more rough around the edges.

Angry outbursts give you a chance to see what makes you react and give you the chance to analyze how you handle conflicts a bit. This is great for growth if you can just calm your mind after the situation arises and reflect for a bit.

This is a great time to start working out as you will have a lot more energy and need to burn it off.

You can do so with any physical activity. Just ,make sure you’re careful when running or working out to avoid annoying injury.

Towards the end of this transit, if mars sneaks into your second house, you will begin to feel a pull toward more financial security as you start asking where you are financially and where you want to go and then devising a plan for how to reach your goal. This would be a great time to save and pay off some debt, check your credit, create a savings plan, or a new budget.




Mars in Leo is going to bring up a lot of old memories for you and have you thinking about your alone time versus the time you spend with friends. You may have been spending so much time alone that you start thinking about getting more involved with others. Too much alone time can bring some detached feelings that make you feel very alone and need social interaction! Don’t be surprised if at the beginning of this transit, in June you plan a bunch of things with friends and over do it and then at the end of this transit, around July, you sink back into solitude because you over exerted yourself and spent too much energy with people.

You may also noticed that at this time you want to explore your individuality a bit more and express the parts of you that make you feel unique. You may start studying something that you have been interested in for awhile or pick up a more eccentric hobby.

Towards the end of this transit, you will need much more rest and comfort. You will want to spend time alone as you begin to venture within. Meditation, dream therapy and journaling will be helpful in your self development at this time.







You will start feeling very strongly about your path in life right now and your success. You could take on more responsibilities at this time, as you look back into your past, specifically your childhood, and ask yourself how it impacts what you want to be now. The path you are taking now could be too influenced by your past…perhaps you begin to feel like you are changing for the best and this just isn’t who you are anymore.

You have a need to be in the spotlight right now and could do things at work that make you stand out from the other employees. You could also finally have enough courage to start a business that you have been wanting to or quit the job that has been pissing you off. Overall, you will be taking a lot of initiative and acting courageously while mars is in Leo. 

You will be spending a lot of time on your business projects, whether that is your own business , the job you work at, or projects that lead to your future success.

You know what you want out of life right now and you have the courage to go full force and make it happen. Take advantage of this energy by creating a dream board, meditating on your future self, writing down the things you want in life, and setting long term goals for yourself.




Mars in Leo is going to make routines bore the hell out of you. You will be feeling like you really need to let loose, get out of the house, step outside your normal routine…just break the norms. You want to do something different and have new experiences. You may travel during this time or begin learning about something new. Something that maybe you have not had the courage in the past to do. You will do it now as mars in Leo gifts you with a beautiful courage to go after the things you want to experience in life.

You should do something spontaneous during June and July…maybe a random short road trip or enroll in a weekend class to learn something you’ve been wondering about.

This is also likely a time when you can put a lot of work into your belief system, perhaps being more religious or spiritual. You will be finding your own belief systems that work for you.

You have a million ideas and it could be likely that by the end of this transit, you will be trying to work the details of all of your big plans you have…this would be around the ending weeks of July where you start to feel like okay let me get a plan in place and handle all of this expansive energy in a more responsible way.






Mars in Leo is going to really test your power and ability to relinquish control. The idea of control that you have over your life is going to be tested.

Your relationships with others will feel extremely deep …like something is transforming for you, a part of you is growing to understand more about control. You can see behind the things people do and say as you see straight to their true motives. This can be a painful time as you come to realize a lot about the things that you are deeply committed to, such as friendships, relationships, jobs, and beliefs. 

There can be problems with resentment with those closest to you. Things could have been building up over time and the fiery Leo Mars transit brings out a whole different side of you as your anger that has been long dormant for so long comes to the surface.

Fears and anxieties from the past could come up at this time to remind you that they are still there, in your subconscious, and haven’t been properly dealt with. This makes you feel powerless. You aren't powerless. You are in control, but remember that you must actually deal with things that have hurt you, do not just run from these things.

On a positive note, your ability to connect with someone deeper is enhanced at this time and your sex life could be extremely passionate as you have increased courage to try new things and do the things that you truly want with your partner or partners.

An intense change is coming and you are the main character in your life right now, experiencing seemingly dramatic emotions that change you for the better, just hang in there and try to taker everything as a learning experience

Toward the end of this transit, you will be wanting an escape from all of the intense feelings you just experienced and may plan a trip. You also may enjoy learning more about what you just experienced by studying more about philosophy and psychology toward the end of this transit. You could start asking yourself the hard questions about life and the things you believe in. 






Your relationships come into focus during mars and Leo and are infused with a fire that you haven’t experienced in awhile. Fire in relationships can be a good thing or a bad thing. Expect to experience a little bit of both. In your close relationships, you may argue a little more and want your way, you may get into heated debates over things that don’t really matter in the long run, just overall expect some more arguments and upsets that teach you more about yourself and the people you are in close relationships with.

You can also expect to feel a bit more possessive of your partner during this time as things make you more jealous than usual. You have a lot of energy building up inside you when it comes to the people closest to you, so past resentments could come out and make you feel a bit down or act out. 

Be careful of spending too much time with other people and not enough time with yourself

The idea of committing to things is enhanced, whether that is committing to job, a partner, a friendship, a workout routine…you have the courage and see things clearer and are able to commit.

It is possible that during the end of this transit, if Mars moves into your 8th house, that you feel a sense of transformation coming  in regards to your commitments. You may have spent so much time and energy when mars was in your seventh on others that you were able to see deeply within them to understand if they are good for you or not and when mars enters the 8th, if it does, you will experience  dramatic emotions that have been hidden come to the surface and you may start getting triggered. That triggered feeling can trigger a beautiful transformation of how you view yourself.





Your focus will be on your daily routines and work for the first couple of weeks, but soon shift to more of a relationship focus. You will take center stage in your work or have a renewed sense of strength and energy that helps you take on a lot more tasks. You could feel a bit overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to do. Do not be surprised if you feel a little more anxious than usual at the start of this transit. Nervous energy needs an outlet or it can lead to health issues, specifically with the stomach. So please take time to rest and relax during this time. Meditation will help or naps in between all of the work you have to do. 

A little deeper into this transit, your focus will shift more into relationships. You will notice little arguments popping up between you and those closest to you, specifically romantic relationships get a spark of fiery Leo energy and both people experience a little bit of that fixed energy where they both feel "right" and bump heads. Physical energy needs a release..if you know what I mean. Working out a lot or releasing it in other ways can help to keep that fire at bay and avoid unnecessary conflicts.





This is a beautiful time for pisces risings, as your creativity gets a natural boost and you begin to feel inspired to create. You may pick up a new artistic hobby or allow one from the past to resurface. 

Your relationships with others get a nice spark if you are in a relationship a playful, passionate energy enters the relationship and makes it really fun. If you are single, you will have an eye for many different types of people and feel super are on the PROWL right now. You will look extra cute during this time and come across with a very strong sense of individuality, which makes you more magnetic than usual. This is a very good time for bringing some passionate energy to your love life. 

You may have to spend more time with children during the next couple of months, or see something that reminds you of your childhood. You can do a lot of inner child healing through simply allowing yourself to have fun and act like a kid. Go out, stay up all night, play games, finger paint, watch Lion King...just let yourself have fun during this transit. 




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