Life Changing Mars Opposite Pluto (May 31st - June 19th) | How it will Personally Affect You

Life Changing Mars Opposite Pluto (May 31st - June 19th) | How it will Personally Affect You


Hey there!, today we are going to talk about Mars in Cancer Pluto in Capricorn being opposed to each other in our sky, break down what it means overall, and show you how it will affect you personally based on where it is falling in your chart. 

The opposition will be exact June 5th and will end around the 18th of June. You may have already felt this intense transit as I feel it is affecting us more than we could even imagine and during eclipse season? send help.

Anyways, Mars is the planetary ruler of both Aries and Scorpio and governs things like action, passion, that fighting spirit we have, our ability to take initiative, and our self sufficiency. Pluto is the planetary ruler of Scorpio and rules over our transformation, our secrecy, our deep feelings that we keep within ourselves, our ability to commit deeply to things, and our ability to see the hidden. These are the things that are most important in regards to this opposition and how it will affect you.

With the opposition there is a push and pull, an imbalance between action (Mars) and transformation (Pluto) and I see this as the willpower to transform. Think about it, when you want to take action but you also want to transform, there can be some road blocks in the way. Maybe past behaviors or belief systems in place that are holding you back, you need to transform but you also want to take action..that's where the willpower comes into play. This opposition is going to test your will power in a certain area of your life.  There will be challenges that show you why you need to transform and it will be up to you to take action. With the opposition, it makes it a little harder to do but I feel like when it’s easy, we don’t transform anyway so just embrace it

Cancer opposing Capricorn makes me immediately think of our roots versus how we are when we grow up and start a life of our own and the legacy we leave so that’s the overall theme for this thing we will be peering back into the past and analyzing it as we move toward our future.

I will have you reflect back on childhood in this post because Mars, as well as Venus, are in Cancer right now and cancer represents the mother, the roots, the family, our instincts.  

So let’s break it down  further and see how it will affect you based on which houses the opposition is falling in your chart





MAIN THEME: Your self and identity versus your relationships with others

The energy that you are putting out there, the 'mask you wear in public', how you present your identity relates to your first how and the seventh, well, that's how you relate to others. Your relationships do not always have to be romantic. They can be friendships, close relationships with family, coworkers even in some cases. We are overall talking about how you relate to others and connect with them, how you communicate, your relationship patterns, what you look for in a partner.... so when we put this sense of self opposite our relationships with others, it can feel a bit overwhelming and be very life changing for your self concept. 

It could be the case where you feel like your identity is coming into question…are you truly being yourself or are others determining how you live your life? The past is brought into question as you look back at how you have progressed through the years. What did you learn from your parents about who you are? What did you learn from your parents about how to for relationships? You look back through the past and ask yourself where you are heading now.

Relationships could be shaken up quite a bit during this life changing mars opposite pluto transit. You could feel like you would be in a “better” situation if you did not have a relationship or if you were in one..depending whether you are single or not. The grass is going to be greener on the other side for sure as you question where your relationships are heading and wondering if they are bringing you down or lifting you up.

You will be forced to check your circle at this time..who are you hanging out with and are they bringing you down or up? Remember, you are the people you hang around so make sure your relationships align with who you want to be

Some may need to be cut off at this time or you may begin thinking about cutting some off.







MAIN THEME: Your sense of security (whether that is financial security, your home, or your self security), your ability to transform, commit to others, secrets that are kept, things that are hidden, power plays being made


This one is pretty intense for the mars Pluto opposition to fall in because the 8th house is ruled by Pluto

This one has a lot to do with security, and this is not only financial security I feel like money is definitely going to be coming into focus as you evaluate where your money is coming from and where it is being spent. You will also want to ask yourself where you money mindset originates from. With this placement of the opposition, you should ask yourself, how was my family’s relationship with money and security? Did I have a home that felt secure? How is this translating into my current relationship with money and my current deep, intimate relationships with others?

You may feel a need to change your living situation and if you are in a relationship with another person, especially a deep, committed one, you will have doubts in the back of your mind about this person. Don't be surprised if you begin questioning the longevity of the relationship, especially if you are living together you will ask "is this really what I want forever? What is the expiration date on this? Allow these thoughts to come and ask yourself the hard questions. 

Don’t worry it’s perfectly normal and healthy to do this. Relationships and money together are going to bring up some issues from the past for sure. There may be fights about money or thoughts about “is one person pulling enough weight” in the relationships?

Make sure you have a good grasp on your financial situation and do not overlook things like taxes, credit card payments, insurance, or bill payments. 

Your self image is also going through a big transformation right now. You want to have more confidence, be more sure of yourself, love the body you are in and old habits from the past could show you what is truly needed in order for you to start loving yourself and treating yourself with the respect you deserve. 

I would ask how the self image of your maternal figure was growing up? 





MAIN THEMES: your communication style, belief systems, finding deeper perspectives, learning 


Mars opposite Pluto in the 3rd/9th house axis is going to have you taking some serious action to transform your life for the better. You’ll be feeling like you really need something you want to branch out and explore the universe more in depth and just become a deeper person. Surface level shit just isn’t cutting it anymore and as you take a deeper look at your beliefs,  you may realize how they were shaped by your parents. Perhaps your parents were super religious and now you are as well and you’re asking yourself if you truly believe in the same things or if you want to forge your own path.

Mercury rules the third house, so your communication patterns, specifically the toxic ones that come up when you are angry, hurt, or stressed, will show themselves during this transit. Ask yourself how your communication is influenced by your parents as well? Were they direct or inferential when they talked to you? Did they do what they said they were going to do or not? How did they communicate when they were angry, sad, or stressed? Do you exhibit similar patterns? All of these are good questions to ask as you start to transform your mental processes and become who you were truly meant to be


Another way that mars opposite pluto could manifest in the 3rd/9th house axis is school or intellectual pursuits. This could be going through a transformation. Perhaps you change your major, start a new project, start a new program, realize you want to drop out of college and travel... some thing could change your perspective on education and spark something inside you that transforms you.

Make sure that at this time you are learning about the things YOU want and not just learning about something for the wrong reasons, like to go with what your family wants or to ‘make money’

Learn about something you’re passionate about and remember, school is not the only way to learn things and it is not always necessary it is not everyones path to go to college and it is yours, make sure you’re doing something you love

Travel could also be possible now as your need for freedom increases. Be careful traveling during mercury rx and make sure you are fully prepared for all of your trips because there is a tendency to be forgetful at this time and to argue with the Mars opposite Pluto transit. 





MAIN THEMES: family, roots, instincts versus how you want to present yourself, the legacy you want to leave, the direction your life is going, how you were shaped versus how you become who you were meant to be 


This one is like extra powerful in my opinion because Mars is in Cancer and Cancer is the ruling sign of the 4th house..

Career and destiny come into focus and there may be painful realizations surrounding what you want to do with your life. You may feel completely out of place at work or find that you want to change your career or work for yourself. We all know how much it sucks to hate your job and this placement of this opposition can make a bad job feel even worse and make you want to free yourself from the shackles of that 9-5 or that draining career

Values that you were taught when you were younger could be bringing up some negative feelings as you look toward your future and try to become the person YOU want to be, not the person your family raised you to be.

There is usually a negative feeling surrounding your family at this time. Perhaps a fall out with a maternal figure as you try to forge your own path and your family tends to hold you back. There is always pain when it comes to family drama. It does not always have to manifest as FAMILY drama however, it can also relate to your relationships..pretty much wherever you are living right now as well will come into question. You start asking yourself if you are really where you want to be. There is a tendency to rethink your entire life direction at this time because we are dealing with arguably the most important axis in the birth chart, the IC and the MC.


I want you to think now about how your family grown-up thought about work. what type of work ethic did they teach you and how is that reflecting right now for you? Is it healthy and does it need to change? I want you to think about what your family wanted you to do for work? Are you really doing the things you want to do or are you just trying to make others happy? Start thinking also about how your mother figure affects how you give and receive love. Are you extra nurturing because of her? Obsessive? Manipulative? Detached? Now is the perfect time to transform any negative traits that were passed down in your family or that you learned as a child


The fourth house must be understood in order to proceed with the tenth house.  In order to create that legacy of your own you must understand where you come from. Start asking yourself how you can integrate both to proceed. 



MAIN THEMES: relationships, friendships, ability to relax and have fun, where you fit into the world, how you stand out from others and how it was shaped by childhood

If Mars opposite Pluto is falling into your 5-11th house axis, your relationships and friendships are going to become extremely important as you start having serious realizations about how much the other people around you affect your personality and your future.

You will start to see people for who they really are and this usually happens because a negative circumstance surrounding your relationships begins to unfold and leave you feeling sad, betrayed, hurt…stood up..any negative feeling triggers this aha moment where you’re like..shit..these people I'm around are not good for me. 

Let’s not forget about this Cancer influence by Mars because it is reminding us that the people that used to be good for us in the past, specifically people that you may have grown up with or relationships that you have OUTGROWN, need to be released so that you can move on and find your real tribe and your real self outside of the influence of others.


This is probably one of the more painful places for Mars and Pluto to be in your chart right now because there is usually a falling out of sorts. Your relationship could be ending or feel like it should end, unhealthy friendships with others need to be examined.

Maybe your values now are not the same as they used to be and you spent too much time worrying about others that you haven’t had enough time worry out yourself

Also with the fifth house and the 11th being the Leo-Aquarius axis, there is a push towards being more creative and this doesn’t have to be creating art is is just using your unique abilities to do something.. to create something that you love. That is uniquely you. For too long now you have been put into this box and especially these expectations from others about who you you should be..these are starting to annoy you and you’re like I just want to be myself and maybe that means I need to completely change my circle of people... the way I look

Your individuality wants to shine now more than ever before.





MAIN THEMES:  routines, spirituality, being practical versus wanting to escape, being grounded versus in the clouds, time spent alone, eating habits, workout routines

ahhhh this axis is my favorite and in this case having mars opposite pluto here will mean that you are taking action to transform your every day life, your spirituality & your routines.

You may find that circumstances come up that make you question if you like the way your everyday life is going. Whether you start absolutely despising your job or start researching a new diet or workout routine, there is transformation that needs to occur in your every day life. 

Another way in which this could manifest is that you have been spending so much time working and keeping up with your day to day activities that you have not taken any time to rest and your mental health as well as physical is taking a turn for the worst. I feel called to share something I learned in hypnotherapy school: that when you are in a state of anxiety, your digestion slows or sometimes even stops. you could be experiencing some digestive issues that are related to stress. please take time to yourself.

The name of the game here is things we do on the daily and things we do when we are alone. Spirituality is one area in which you will experience some transformation as you may begin to see more synchronicities or feel the need to devote more time to your religious or spiritual practices. Meditation would be a great tool for this time. You mind needs time to rest just as much as your body.

There could be a fear of spending too much time by yourself right now, a fear of your own thoughts that haunts you. I encourage you to journal or meditate..something to let your inner thoughts out and to work through them.

Ask yourself which has more of your focus right now, your inner self or your practical, everyday life. Which one needs more focus? How are they transforming for the good or the bad?




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