My name is Logan.

I am an astrologer, certified hypnotherapist, writer, and teacher. My life experiences gifted me with a passion for psychology, specifically understanding how your childhood affects you subconsciously as an adult. I specialize in birth chart analysis.

I utilize both traditional and modern astrology to understand my clients, with an emphasis on modern astrology. My focus is primarily on identifying the roots of your psychological patterns and explaining them in a way that relates to your life experiences so that you can take control of your life and step into a brighter future. My readings are all encompassing, we can focus on self development, career, love, family, thinking patterns, how you come off to others, and anything else you want me to dive deeper into for you. I will not hold back on these readings. I see this as a chance for you to truly see into yourself. While sometimes you might not like what you see in the darkness, it is worth it to bring it to light and transmute pain into power.