Tough Love Birth Chart Reading

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*this is a written reading at least 6 pages long and will be delivered by the evening of the date chosen  

You need tough love sometimes. You need someone to tell you what your problems are and what is holding you back so that you can reach your goals.

I dive into what placements, aspects, and energies in your chart are subconsciously holding you back, the things that are buried deep that affect every aspect of your life so that you can take control of your mind and embrace your gifts.  It is to understand where they could stem from, how they affect you, and how you can make meaningful transformations.  We look at the more challenging parts of your chart to understand and overcome. 

6+ page PDF in a very STRAIGHTFORWARD, yet compassionate way, no sugar coating, just helping you understand the wounds & unhealthy parts so that you can move toward the best version of yourself.  

**PLEASE make sure your birth details are 100% correct. If they are not, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the reading. Time really does matter in this case. 

Customer Reviews

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Great review very insightful

Cut to Core in Good Ways

This reading was my first and it has opened up so much for me. Not only did it bring to the surface issues that were buried or swept under a rug, but tips for moving forward in the light were offered along with some guide posts. I’m still processing and will surely revisit this many times on my journey.

Validating and Tough but Kind!

I've had Logan read my chart twice now and I feel like she would be able to write an entire book on it! She took the time to make sure I got some new information the second time around. You can tell she really cares about presenting her analysis to you in a straightforward but empowering way. She described things I have long felt but didn't know how to put into words. I feel like I can move forward with these insights and use them to make much clearer and definitive choices. Thank you soooo much for this clarity <3


So far I’ve read my reading four times over. It’s so powerful and so so on point! I cannot believe how Logan nailed this. I wonder if I would’ve had this when I was a child if I would’ve made different decisions throughout my life? Thank you so much Logan. I will use this moving forward in a really positive way.

Ellie Stevenson
ES 02.2024

WOW!! Logan is an unreal talent. If you’re pondering this, please get this reading. Logan took time to answer my prompts and tailor this reading to me. I am so impressed and I know I will be able to use this reading as I continue my 1st house year. Amazing, thank you again!