Tough Love Birth Chart Reading

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You need tough love sometimes. You need someone to tell you what your problems are and what is holding you back so that you can reach your goals.

I dive into what placements, aspects, and energies in your chart are subconsciously holding you back, the things that are buried deep that affect every aspect of your life so that you can take control of your mind and embrace your gifts.  It is to understand where they could stem from, how they affect you, and how you can make meaningful transformations.  We look at the more challenging parts of your chart to understand and overcome. 

5+ page PDF in a very STRAIGHTFORWARD, yet compassionate way, no sugar coating, just helping you understand the wounds & unhealthy parts so that you can move toward the best version of yourself.  


**PLEASE make sure your birth details are 100% correct. If they are not, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the reading. Time really does matter in this case. 

Customer Reviews

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So far I’ve read my reading four times over. It’s so powerful and so so on point! I cannot believe how Logan nailed this. I wonder if I would’ve had this when I was a child if I would’ve made different decisions throughout my life? Thank you so much Logan. I will use this moving forward in a really positive way.

Ellie Stevenson
ES 02.2024

WOW!! Logan is an unreal talent. If you’re pondering this, please get this reading. Logan took time to answer my prompts and tailor this reading to me. I am so impressed and I know I will be able to use this reading as I continue my 1st house year. Amazing, thank you again!

Love Love Love :)

One of my favorite readings I have gotten!! Logan did this reading for me back in 2022 and I just revisited it and it still gives me so much insight, hope and motivation! You can see the energy and detail put into what you receive 1000%! It's truly something you can re visit and help you to self reflect, especially when you feel lost. This is truly one of my favorite readings and I know I'll be back for other readings from Logan! Thank you so much for your talents/gifts - I appreciate it more than you know :') !!!!

Natalie W
Blown Away!!

This was my first birth chart reading and I was blown away! My tough love reading was in depth but easy to understand. Some of the interpretations described me so well my jaw dropped! Logan is really great at breaking down the key parts of your chart giving you background while also giving helpful advice on how to use it to your advantage or understand yourself better.

I LOVED My Reading!

This Tough Love reading provided me with everything: who I am because of my past, who I am now, and who I can become with the power I have naturally within me. Logan truly took the time to explain all aspects leaving me with a feeling that Logan is truly knowledgeable in Astrology. With this reading, I believe Logan ensures they are someone who provides work that is understanding and insightful to the reader. I can’t say enough good things about this reading! I truly feel empowered after having read this Tough Love reading by Logan.