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Once you align with your benefics (Venus + Jupiter), life gets more beneficial. Aligning with Venus makes you more charming, alluring, and magnetic and helps you find more beauty and pleasure in life. Aligning with Jupiter allows you to embrace your natural talents and gifts, inspire others, and unlock abundance. 

This guide explores the power of the benefics (Venus + Jupiter) in your chart to help you GLOW UP inside and out. We take a deep dive into the sign + house of your Venus as well as the sign + house of your Jupiter to uncover how you can harness those energies to be the most beautiful, alluring, confident version of yourself, find and use your natural gifts and talents, and attract more abundance and pleasure into your life. I also add some information about the fifth house and how you can find fulfilling hobbies and forms of self expression through it!

In this guide, we cover what energies you need to embrace, what activities you need to do, how to boost your confidence and charisma, how to attract people toward you, the energies you need to embody to be more magnetic and charming, style and aesthetics you need to embrace, hobbies and interests you could try that align with your benefics, natural talents and gifts to embrace... everything you need to be your most magnetic, most irresistible, most talented, luckiest, BEST version of yourself with the tools that your birth chart has already given you. 

What we will explore in this reading:

  • Your Venus sign: exploring how to embrace the natural charm, charisma, and allure to become magnetic, beautiful, and irresistible to others... we look at the energies to embrace, what about you makes others adore you, how to position yourself, how to approach others, how to make people love you, what energy to bring to relationships. what to wear, and how to make sure you're staying confident
  • The house of your Venus: exploring WHERE you should use your charm, grace, and beauty to gain the MOST pleasure, success, and appreciation from others... we look at the areas of life where, when you channel this Venusian energy, you experience much pleasure and confidence
  • Your Jupiter sign: understanding your natural gifts, how to lean into them and take advantage of them, and how to unlock abundance and luck in your life... we look at how you can use your gifts to inspire and motivate others, the energy you need to be moving toward in order to expand, and the way to tame any unhealthy OVERABUNDANCE of this energy
  • The house of your Jupiter: understanding where you will find abundance, luck, and your natural gifts and where you can share them with the world to attract even more expansion... we look at what area of life you need to channel this Jupiter energy into to experience the most success as well as how the overabundance of energy in this area of your life can be handled healthily
  • The fifth house: giving you some insight into different hobbies and forms of self expression you should tap into based on the sign on your fifth house cusp as well as any planets within the fifth house - you will get some insight into the type of energy that needs to be present in your hobbies as well as a list of fulfilling hobbies or activities to try to bring you pleasure

*** does not cover aspects to Venus or aspects to Jupiter. We can go deeper into aspects to Venus  and Jupiter and how they affect you in the tough love reading! Just add it to the notes section :) 



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couldn't recommend enough!!

i thought i already knew so much about my venus & jupiter placements but this reading took things to a whole new level. logan has such a gift for explaining astro topics and identifying how exactly you can benefit from your placements to the fullest. i couldn't recommend this reading enough!!

A thought-provoking, meaningful and stunning reading

After receiving the most beautiful Astro-Success Blueprint reading from Logan, I was quick to book the Astro Aura Amplifier. Logan’s well-articulated and in-depth insights into my Venus and Jupiter placements have left me feeling elated and inspired to make positive changes in my life. I also now have a better understanding of the steps I need to take towards my life purpose. I am grateful for Logan’s gifts as a kind, talented and intuitive astrologer. Her readings are beautiful and impactful. Thank you for this amazing experience, Logan!