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*this is a written reading broken down into digestible sections (sections listed below) and will be emailed by the evening of the date chosen. 

Your birth chart is your personal map to success.

 I can help you navigate it. 

Once you align with the right energy in your chart, you become unstoppable. Astrology allows you to do that with clarity, direction, and purpose.

The Astro-Success Blueprint is a straightforward, no-nonsense reading designed to unveil the precise formula for success within your birth chart. This cosmic guidance pinpoints exactly what you need to amplify within yourself to propel you towards success, your unique gifts, what careers you would excel at, the purpose you're meant to fulfill in this lifetime, how to brand yourself, and even how to dress for success.

This blueprint is your direct route to unlocking your potential using the energy in your chart and reaching the heights you aspire to. When you harness the correct energies within your birth chart, you embody a version of yourself at your most successful, most magnetic, most charismatic, and most authentic self. 


Key Sections in Astro-Success Blueprint:

  • basic astrology profile (sun, moon, rising) strengths 
  • strengths to amplify for success
  • weaknesses to overcome for success
  • career and legacy guidance
  • life purpose (north node - south node)
  • list of BEST careers and pathways for you
  • personal branding (presenting yourself for success, coming across authentically
  • dress for success (style guidance to become more alluring, charming, authentic)


**PLEASE make sure your birth details are 100% correct. If they are not, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the reading. Time really does matter in this case. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brionna Matthews
Must book

This is probably my fifth reading from Logan and she never disappoints. This reading was so thorough and in depth it gave me a lot of clarity and direction.

Get this reading for yourself

Logan is great and this reading was on point. She articulates perfectly what you need to hear. This was such a fun reading that already validated what I felt but also further explained things I needed to know. Definitely worth it!

Yalexa Rodriguez
Astro-Success Blueprint

Just wanted to give a big Thank you to you and your work! First want to start by saying I’m usually really weary of people online but PLEASE don’t hesitate to book!!! Literally broke down everything for me as a beginner in astrology this helped me so much into what I can do to strengthen my own personal power using the tool of astrology. Everything in the pamphlet is literal confirmation on things that I am currently pursuing and want to pursue as well from hobbies to even on how to dress for success. Thank you once again for being such a great soul and for your work. I will be booking again really soon. Shout out to you! 10/10 will recommend

Ebony Alexander
Great insight

I really appreciate this blueprint. I appreciate the work. Thank you.

Angelica G.
Unlocking Your Potential Indeed

This was everything I hoped it would be!! It made things click for me. It was like reading the person I know is me but haven't reached yet. I have a new sense of determination and a knowing that my potential is there. I just need to step into it and not be afraid. There were also small moments of knowing x thing will take me to the next step beforehand, but it feels reassuring to have Logan see it in my chart as a confirmation and a push forward for me. I was also really surprised about how I should, I guess I can say present myself to people, because I hardly ever let anyone see me like that. Overall, I loved it so much! If you're thinking about getting this reading, I highly recommend it!