Inner Child Birth Chart Reading

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The roots of who you are begin in childhood. You are shaped by your experiences there more than you know and because you aren’t able to fully understand what’s going on when you are a child, you often need to re-examine situations as an adult to fully realize the impacts, whether good or bad. I can utilize astrology to peer deeper into your roots to decode and understand yourself better.

In this reading we will dive into childhood to examine some of the wounds and feelings that you may have experienced that contribute to who you are today. I will examine many parts of your birth chart, including: the IC, the planets in your fourth house, the aspects to your fourth house, your tenth house, your personal planets, aspects, & anything else I feel is necessary in fully understanding how your childhood impacted you.

This reading is very in-depth and can be triggering so please let me know in the notes if there is any thing that you want me to avoid in the reading or specifics you want me touch on. I will give you insight into how your relationship with your parents and others around you and youth shaped you and your behavior today and how this impacts how you relate to others in friendships, relationships, and much more. I am open to looking deeper into a certain event or feeling for you and providing clarity as well. 


**PLEASE make sure your birth details are 100% correct. If they are not, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the reading. Time really does matter in this case. 

Customer Reviews

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Clear, well written and extremely accurate. It was very comforting and validating.


Logan is incredibly insightful. Their knowledge along with emotional intelligence makes it 100% worth the deep dive.


Logan is incredible and this was scary accurate. I bought one for my friend

Insightful and compassionate.

I absolutely loved my birth chart reading - Logan approached the analysis with such compassion that I did not only feel seen and heard, but also as if I was being hugged and cheered by a best friend. Logan addressed her reading through a vignette that I asked her to apply, and I am really grateful that she did. It can be a difficult experience that requires a lot of courage, diving deep into oneself in such an expository way. Logan doesn't give you rules to offer, but instead she provides you with vocabulary that allows for a reformulation to happen. It was a really emotional and heralding experience and I am so happy that I treated both myself and my inner child to it as a Christmas present.

Pri G
Great reading and very insightful.

Thanks Logan for a great, insightful reading. I found it very helpful!