Soul Purpose (North Node & South Node)

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In this reading I dive into your Soul's Purpose by looking through the lens of your birth chart. By looking at the North Node and South Node to determine the strengths and weaknesses you brought from previous incarnations and how you can utilize them to reach your destiny in this lifetime. 

I not only look at the sign and house of your North Node and South Node, I also look to the aspects they are making with other placements in your chart, how other parts of your chart are connected to your previous incarnations, lessons you need to learn in order to find a fulfilling sense of purpose, and even how your Midheaven is connected to your destiny and purpose.

I will give you detailed advice and examples of events and feelings you have experienced so far in your life that will help guide you toward your destiny.

I will look at many other areas of your chart to figure out how you can utilize your talents with your North Node in order to reach the highest version of yourself. 

Customer Reviews

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Courtney Rose

Logan did a phenomenal job with my reading. She brought clarity that I couldn’t quite figure out looking at my own chart. I would book with her again in a heartbeat!

Amber Crawford-Idell
Worth every penny

I can’t thank Logan enough for this reading. She articulated how I have felt forever, but wasn’t able to admit/articulate. And the report as a whole was very illuminating and validating.


this reading gives clarity to ones purpose in life and how to find balance. 10/10 recommend

Shaniah Laguerre

The best reading I’ve ever had, Logan not only provides insightful and very detailed readings but they leave you feeling very fulfilled and grounded!!

Excellent Soul Purpose Reading

I've had many astrology readings but Logans was the most in-depth I've had. Her experience and knowledge shows through in the written reading which was easy to understand as well as comprehensive. It gave me fresh perspectives on many areas of my life but also confirmations about the parts I needed reminding of. If you're looking for guidance in your life and to uncover parts of yourself, then Logan is the person for you. Book a reading, you won't be disappointed!